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Foreign Organization

Starting from February 5, 2020, Fei Arts launched a series of online exhibitions on "Home is Museum" of creative works by people confined at home owing to the virus.
The UK Government has flown over 21 million pieces of PPE and more than 1,000 ventilators to the NHS and Social Care Services from China over the last three weeks.

GD Expats

China's preventive measures equally apply to everyone regardless of nationality or race, and I can feel that they aim to protect every resident well in the country.
On the morning of April 16th, Martin and Jandi, two acrobatic dancers from Kenya finished their health management period at a hotel in Panyu district, and returned to their own residence.
Together with another 11 international volunteers, Oscar is currently helping the community workers with the prevention and control work of COVID-19 in Clifford New Village.
As of April 16th, the number of expat holders of the ‘Suikang code’ totalled 23,657 in Guangzhou.

Food & Health

City promotes a healthy lifestyle through crossovers

These stylish and reusable face masks are equipped with filters full of special herbs and are potentially able to help shield wearers from all kinds of viruses.
Herd immunity cannot be relied on to solve the problems of the highly infectious novel coronavirus disease, said Zhong Nanshan, renowned Chinese respiratory specialist, at a press conference Wednesday.
Renowned Chinese respiratory specialist Zhong Nanshan said that there is no evidence showing that COVID-19 originated in Wuhan, noting that it is irresponsible to jump to conclusions without getting facts straight.

Language Learning

Catch the ‘golden mouse’ to win gifts from all around the world 抓財神鼠!迎全球大禮包!

Scan the qr-code to enter the game, and win big prizes!
If we gave you your first pot of gold, what would you invest the money in? Would you spend it frivolously, or make wise investment choices?
So you're learning Mandarin? You're attending Chinese classes. You've been building up your vocabulary in every way possible.

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